Release of updated paperback edition of Lucas’ authorised biography

Oct 26, 2013

Lucas, Great Northern Books and Richard Coomber are delighted to to announce the release of Lucas – From the Streets of Soweto to Soccer Superstar, The Authorised Biography by Richard Coomber. On Saturday 19 October, the day before Leeds United’s match with Birmingham City, Lucas signed copies of the book at Waterstones in the Leeds City Center and again at the club the day of the game.

Fans used the opportunity to meet Lucas and also get early copies of the book. Lucas announced via Twitter on the Friday before the game that he would be donating any proceeds received by him from sales of the book to charity. More details regarding this will be announced soon.

Lucas – From the Streets of Soweto to Soccer Superstar, The Authorised Biography by Richard Coomber.

The South African international so captured the hearts of Leeds fans that they still chant his name years after he retired and the Kaiser Chiefs band took their name from his first club. In his native land he is an iconic figure, who led his country to two World Cups as they emerged from the sporting wilderness and whose reputation as a player and a man helped convince the rest of the world that the World Cup finals should go to South Africa.

The kid who was rescued from the violence of the anti-apartheid struggle in Soweto when his parents sent him away from home for fear he would end up in gaol or even dead, received the ultimate accolade when Nelson Mandela declared: He is my hero.

This is the story of how Lucas overcame a tough childhood, survived a shooting, and refused to be diverted from his destiny by injury, homesickness, freezing English winters and terrible English food to become not only a football superstar but acknowledged as one of the nicest people in the game. Lucas Radebe’s story is much more than just another biography of a footballer. It is inspiring and heart-warming, tinged with tragedy yet marked throughout by his trademark smile that has lit up two continents and touched thousands of lives.

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