In modern sports media and culture, the performance and achievement is often exaggerated or sensationalised. Lucas Radebe’s story stands out as being remarkable and unique. It is a story that crosses racial barriers, generational differences, and is a triumph of the human spirit. It is a South African story, and a universal story at the same time.

Digging deep into this narrative reservoir, Lucas is able to share in his humble and inimitable style, with any audience, some of the motivational and inspirational lessons he has gleaned as a world-class footballer, leader of teams, ambassador for change and equality, and successful businessman. His talks are simultaneously positive, galvanizing, entertaining and thought provoking. Whether as a keynote presenter to members of the board or management, speaker and motivator to teams, workers or support staff, Lucas is at ease.

With his own dedicated management company, Lucas is able to tailor his presentation, delivery and message for you or your organisation. Contact us to enquire about our packages and pricing for Lucas Talks or A Conversation with Lucas.





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