Lucas surprises Noordfed’s staff during 50th Birthday Celebration

Jun 13, 2014

On Monday morning Lucas surprised over 150 staff members at the Noordfed Mill during their 50th Birthday Celebration. Invited as the guest speaker, Lucas spoke about creating a winning mentality and how focused leadership and teamwork help foster growth and success in sports, business and life. The theme surrounding the 50 year celebration was, “A new-life for Noordfed”, as they look to extend their reach from the North West province into Gauteng and throughout South Africa, with their new and exciting brand, Super Goal Maize Meal.

The demand for Super Goal Maize Meal has seen substantial growth over the last year, providing the potential opportunity for this North West product to step up onto a bigger, national stage.  Lucas was excited about the opportunity to help kick-start the next phase for Noordfed.

Afterwards he said:  “I lived several years in the North West province and have many fond memories here. It is great to see a company, in a place I once called home, creating jobs and also committing themselves to the community through various social responsibility initiatives. I am proud to have contributed in some small way and really hope this ambitious company will continue to succeed.”

Elmarie Brenkman, Noordfed’s General Manager said, “It was a wonderful inspiration listening to Lucas’s journey of determination, passion and collaboration ‘team work’. Mr Radebe effectively connected with everyone at Noordfed no matter their background or position in the company, and the memory of his visit will live long in our hearts & minds.”

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