Highlights For Children, Inc. launches magazines with Lucas in South Africa

Aug 29, 2013

THURSDAY 29 AUGUST 2013 (Columbus, OH) – Today, family media brand Highlights launches the international edition of its flagship magazines Highlights and Highlights High Five in South Africa, together with Lucas Radebe Management Company (Pty) Ltd.

Known for its “Fun with a Purpose” content, Highlights magazines have been enjoyed by children for more than six decades and today are among the best-read children’s publications in the world. Highlights is designed for children ages 6-12, and includes a mix of fiction, poetry, puzzles, crafts and reader contributions. Highlights High Five, for ages 2-6, uses stories, poems and activities to engage children in early learning and to help them become curious, creative, caring and confident individuals.

“When I first picked up Highlights magazine I was struck immediately by the quality and variety of its contents. My children couldn’t put it down and I knew it was a product I wanted to bring to South Africa. I am honored to be associated with the Highlights brand and I am excited to help make it widely available to parents and children in South Africa,” said Radebe.

“When my great-grandparents started Highlights in 1946, one of the things they hoped to do in the pages of the magazine was celebrate children’s experiences in many different cultures around the world,” said Highlights CEO Kent Johnson. “I think they would be so pleased – and maybe astonished too – to see how far their ‘Fun with a Purpose’ magazine has traveled. We are excited not just to bring our stories and puzzles to South Africa’s children, but to enrich our understanding of their experiences and dreams.”

The international editions of the magazines will be published in English, and will be available in CNA stores and other independent bookshops. Other retailers will be announced soon. Lucas Radebe Management Company will also be offering subscriptions and working with schools to make the magazines widely available throughout the country. Highlights and Highlights High Five will also be incorporated into the Learning with Lucas program: an initiative that aims to bring educational programs, life lessons, and other learning opportunities to disadvantaged children in South Africa.

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